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Pizza Truck By The Lalit

Pizza Truck

The Lalit Food Truck Company launches the first ever Pizza Truck in the country; serving a crispy, cheesy 9 inches slice that will whet your appetite and nourish your taste buds. Pizzas being the most popular fast food of the country, we will now serve what the country loves the most – a delicious pizza!

Green initiatives have been an integral part of our brand and have been incorporated in the Pizza Truck also. Opting for all eco friendly technologies, we have installed solar panels for energy consumption and an organic waste convertor to dispose off the waste, making it a litter free truck. There are battery invertors for back up. Therefore, Pizza Truck will only serve tasty pizzas and no pollution.

Like our Food Trucks, The Pizza Truck will be constantly on the move, you can always follow the route map on our website and Facebook or Twitter at www.thelalitftc.com.

About The Menu

Pizza Truck menu offers two non vegetarian options - Pepperoni and Chicken and two vegetarian options – Margarita and The Lalit Signature Pizza.

We understand the importance of every olive or pepperoni on your slice, therefore, the 9 inches slice enables you to pick any of your favourite toppings from onion, capsicum, mushroom, olive, jalapeno, corn, paprika, sundried tomato, chicken tikka, pepperoni, chicken sausage, chicken bbq and smoked chicken to create a wholesome meal.

Pizza Truck By The Lalit

Watch out for our mobile restaurant riding around town!



World Trade Tower Barakhamba Road
New Delhi

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